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Lantek Expert 28




It comes with latest software updates to make it the most powerful and accurate instrument. It can accurately detect and report many diseases using only a single test at a time, delivering accurate, repeatable results. The Expert v28 is CE certified to ensure safety and quality of surgical and diagnostic procedures. It is particularly suitable for all potential users, such as Doctors, Optometrists, Nurses, Rheumatologists and Optometrists. Both the new Expert v28 and the Expert v28-B have been developed for the diagnosis of glaucoma based on the detection of the aqueous humour, through the measurement of intraocular pressure (IOP) using the Tono-Pen. New ergonomic design and the addition of the MyBubble™ feature, with the Smart Tube™ technology, allows easier test performance for most users New Automated Platelet Function test incorporating the platelet function analyzer (PFA-100) technology. This makes the test more accurate and is ideal for the diagnosis of von Willebrand Disease. New 3.8-inch wide screen for easier test execution User-friendly interface The Lantek Expert v28 has a user-friendly interface and the ability to run the testing procedure for both the automatic and manual tests. More than 11000 tests More than 11000 tests are available, comprising extensive assay sets and comprehensive diagnostic panels to help users make a selection for any clinical scenario. Lantek Expert v28 is Lantek's latest CPT code-compliant blood analyzer, which can run tests including CBC, differential, metabolic and biochemical panels, ABO/Rh (blood group) and compatibility testing, and more. Through single tube analysis, Lantek Expert v28 can reduce analysis time and turnaround time. Lantek Expert v28-B is Lantek's latest blood analyzer with a unique single tube, multiple-test capability. It has more than 11000 tests, including comprehensive panels for complete blood count and differential, and comprehensive metabolic panels, and is suitable for manual and fully automatic testing. Lantek Expert v28 meets the latest Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) requirements for blood analysis, allowing for high quality, accuracy and efficiency. Wide range of assays Lantek Expert v28 can run most laboratory assays available. Lantek Expert v28-B is a fully




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Lantek Expert 28
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