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OFF THE STREET AUSTRALIA vs Google Forms Comparison


Simple to use but lacking automation, integrations, and other essential features, Google Forms is designed to help businesspeople accomplish easy tasks like sending out short surveys.


It is not intended for complex ones, like registering hundreds of people for an event and processing their payments in a secure manner.

Because of this and other reasons that we’ll make clear in this article, if you’re still using Google Forms for event registration, it’s likely that your ticket sales and productivity are lower than what they could be if you were using a dedicated ticket system like ours.

17% of consumers are reluctant to give their card details to websites they don’t trust. And one cause of falling trust is being redirected to another page to process payments or requesting Bank Transfers.

No Payment Processing
Unlike most registration software, Google Forms does not allow for payment processing, thus prolonging the event registration process by another step.


This is undesirable to both the busy organizer and the often impatient registrant.

Event organizers who use Google Forms have to choose from a list of less than ideal ways to securely collect their registrants’ payments.

One common option is to call or email a registrant once they’ve submitted the form and to ask them for their payment information that you’ll then have to plug into a separate payments platform to facilitate the transaction.

Another is to link out to a third-party payment platform like PayPal in your confirmation message and ask for a certain amount.

These methods, of course, both have significant drawbacks if you’re processing numerous payments for an event.

For one, many attendees might be uncomfortable giving their card information, especially if they’re used to doing it through secured online forms on websites that are PCI compliant, which Google Forms is not.


No Attendee Check-in Support
Another drawback of using Google Forms for event registration is the inability to easily and quickly check in attendees on the day of the event.

You’re forced to do it manually, a slow process that can cause a long line of people waiting to enter the premises, hence creating a negative impression of the event before it even starts and causing frustration amongst your attendees.

Event management software, on the other hand, often comes with features that give you the ability to check in guests using multiple methods, and all of them are efficient.

One popular way is scanning each attendee’s custom QR code with a dedicated mobile app: Which we have!

Google Forms are not designed for event registration, Google Forms causes multiple inefficiencies that can hurt your form conversion rate and event attendance number.

To rid themselves of these issues, many event businesses switch to dedicated event registration software with payment processing, automation functionality, and other useful features. Which we offer!

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