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1500 square metre burnout pad coming to Queensland Raceway!

Work has commenced on a new burnout pad and go-kart hire complex at Ipswich’s Queensland Raceway.

A new burnout pad is taking shape at Queensland Raceway

A 1760sqm burnout pad will take pride of place on the right-hand side of Dick Johnson Straight before Turn 1.

Lewis said the creation of a new burnout pad will see the existing area behind the cafe and spectator area at Turn 1 turned into a go-kart hire facility.

“We’re resurfacing the area behind the cafe with new bitumen, we’ve got a bit of a layout that we’ve designed that will go in that area and we’ve also got some karts that have been bought.

“The aim is to have it up and running by February or March next year.”

Work on the new crossover is expected to be completed shortly after Christmas. SOURCE:

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