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2019, Our Year In Review


The first burnout competition for 2019 in S.A was on January the 19th, the Riverland REVS Burnout Competition at Renmark Speedway!

The Open Class winner was Paul Coulson with the GTS Monaro. 8 Cylinder winner was Calvin McConachy in the Holden VZ Ute. 6 Cylinder Class winner was Jock Clayton in a KA Ford. 4 Cylinder winner was Marty Ward in the BMW.


In March, on the 9th and 10th, we attended the next Burnout Competition on our list, the Whyalla Steel City Nats. Entering as a Competitor we didn't have a lot of time to take Photos & Videos.

Pro Elite Winner was Gary Myers. Pro Open Winner was Aiden Leist. 8 Cylinder Class Winner was Calvin McConachy. 6 Cylinder Class Winner was Ash Brown.


Again in March, on the 30th we attended as a photographer for the Port Pirie REVS Practice Burnouts.


July the 13th was the debut of the Pirie Revs Burnout Competition at the Sporting Car Club of Port Pirie.

Open Class Winner was Bruce Clavell. 8 Cylinder Class Winner was Richard Pilgrim. 6 Cylinder Class Winner was Nathan Mulders. 4 Cylinder Class Winner was Marty Ward.


Then in September, we attended as a competitor for the Outback Burnouts in Black Rock. Where we tested out our new Burnout Rig, SCENE8IGHT.

Also, while we were in Black Rock, we decided to go check out the local tourist attraction, Magnetic Hill. "When you get to Magnetic Hill park near the sign, put your vehicle in neutral gear, and watch it roll uphill"


October the 4th till the 6th was SUPERNATS! Ahmet came over from interstate to host a Burnout Competition with his crew at the iconic Mallala Motorsport Park! A Massive 3 day event saw some awesome burnout action!

Top Gun Pro Class Winner was Jason Ballard in HELLRAZOR Open Class Winner was Aaron Hirchausen in MADAZ1 6 Cylinder Winner was Phil Bundy in TUNZAFUN


December the 7th we sponsored and attended DYNO WARZ #3.

At DANBE Auto Repairs, we saw some mean machines punching out the figures on the dyno.

We are still awaiting to hear back the results from DANBE.


Off The Street Australia would love to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We thank you for your continued support over the years! Remember, Keep It Off The Street Australia!

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