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Adelaide's Burnout Enthusiasts Rev Their Engines for Change

Updated: Apr 9

Adelaide, a city renowned for its fervent automotive culture, is facing a significant challenge: the absence of accessible local burnout pads. Despite investments in motorsport infrastructure, enthusiasts find themselves navigating bureaucratic hurdles and monopolistic practices, hindering their ability to indulge in their passion safely and legally. This article delves into the frustrations faced by Adelaide's burnout community and advocates for change to ensure that enthusiasts have access to suitable facilities.

The Bend Motorsport Park: The Bend Motorsport Park, recipient of substantial government funding, stands as a beacon of motorsport excellence in South Australia. However, the park's burnout pad remains elusive to local enthusiasts. Despite inquiries about hiring the pad independently, enthusiasts are met with the requirement to hire the entire venue, rendering it financially unfeasible for many.

The Speedway in Virginia: The Speedway in Virginia, a historical motorsport venue, holds nostalgic value for many enthusiasts. However, efforts to revive the venue have been stymied by the Playford Council's demands for extensive renovations, leaving the Speedway dormant and enthusiasts without a local venue for their passion.

Mallala Motorsport Park: Mallala Motorsport Park, in conjunction with The Bend, presents another opportunity for burnout events. However, attempts to hire the burnout pad have been met with resistance, raising concerns about monopolistic practices. Allegations of favoritism towards a single promoter persist, further exacerbating frustrations within the community.

Adelaide International Raceway: Adelaide International Raceway, while contacted, has shown a preference for its track in Victoria, neglecting the needs of local enthusiasts. The lack of attention to local facilities leaves enthusiasts with limited options, forcing them to travel long distances to participate in their beloved sport.

Off The Street Australia: Off The Street Australia, a leading advocate for driver safety and responsible motorsport, has tirelessly championed access to local burnout pads. Despite their efforts and a substantial online following, their pleas have fallen on deaf ears, highlighting the disconnect between enthusiasts and decision-makers.

The Need for Change: The current landscape paints a bleak picture for Adelaide's burnout community. Frustrations mount as enthusiasts encounter barriers at every turn, impeding their ability to engage in their passion. The absence of accessible burnout pads not only deprives enthusiasts of a recreational outlet but also poses safety concerns as enthusiasts seek alternatives on public roads.

Advocating for a Solution: Bringing in a different burnout promoter could provide a much-needed solution to Adelaide's burnout woes. A fresh perspective could inject new energy and ideas into the community, fostering innovation and growth. Moreover, competition among promoters could lead to improvements in event quality and diversity, ultimately benefiting enthusiasts and the wider community.

Perth Motoplex and Sydney Motorsport Park:

Comparisons to other cities highlight the disparity in Adelaide's motorsport infrastructure. The Perth Motoplex, located less than an hour from Perth, and the Sydney Motorsport Park, similarly close to Sydney, provide accessible and safe venues for burnout enthusiasts. These facilities not only cater to local enthusiasts but also attract visitors and boost the local economy.

Conclusion: Adelaide's burnout enthusiasts are united in their quest for accessible and safe facilities to indulge in their passion. It's time for decision-makers to heed their calls and take action to address the shortcomings in the current system. By embracing change and fostering collaboration, we can ensure that Adelaide's vibrant automotive culture continues to thrive for generations to come.


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