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Whyalla Speedway Event Cancelled

Photo by: Peter Winders

Whyalla Speedway Club Cancels April 13th Race Event Due to Low Participation

In a regrettable announcement, the Whyalla Speedway Club has decided to cancel its upcoming race event scheduled for Saturday, April 13th. This decision, though difficult, comes as a result of two of the five competition classes withdrawing, coupled with low participation numbers in the remaining divisions. The club, already facing financial challenges, deemed the risk of hosting the event too significant.

Despite offering substantial prize and tow money totaling over $12,000 across all classes, the club received only 29 nominations, falling short of expectations. The club, known for its commitment to providing family-friendly entertainment, expressed concern that the event's potential did not align with the venue, spectators, competitors, and the sport as a whole.

While acknowledging the disappointment this decision may bring, the club emphasized the importance of making responsible choices, especially when faced with financial risks. The Speedway Club extended gratitude to those competitors who had nominated and planned to attend, as well as to those who had purchased tickets online, assuring that refunds would be processed promptly.

Reflecting on a challenging 2023/2024 season, the club affirmed its dedication to returning stronger in 2024/2025. The committee expressed their commitment to working tirelessly during the off-season to ensure a more successful season ahead. They encouraged supporters to stay updated by following their Facebook page for the release of the new calendar. Additionally, the club invited individuals interested in joining and supporting their efforts to reach out and get involved.

The Whyalla Speedway Club remains optimistic about the future and looks forward to welcoming back fans and participants for an exciting 2024/2025 season.

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