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Boaty Mc Boatface

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Boaty Mc Boatface made its debut at the Riverland Revs Burnout Competition at Renmark Speedway over the weekend.

We had a small chat with the creator of Boaty Mc Boatface (Matthew Menzies) and this is what he had to say;

"After building the burnout car Woolsley, it got a lot of interest so I basically had to top that."

Previous project nicknamed "Woolsley". It's a 1956 Wolesely 24/80. Photo by Ernies Pixels.

"I sat back and brainstormed on what to do. I saw a boat being sold as a sand pit on Facebook, and after looking into if it was ok to do, it was locked in and the project was underway. After getting a boat from Loveday and a defected Fairlane Ghia from Bluey (The owner of Smokehouse in Renmark), I got stuck into it! I took everything off of the Ford that wasn't needed. I removed the petrol tank but kept the LPG tank, so it solely runs on gas, hence the sticker "On Ghia". I cut the entire base out of the boat and basically raised the boat so we could drive the Ford underneath, then dropping the boat onto the chassis. It fitted so good it's like it was meant to be. So after a small amount of bracing, fire proofing, some tin work, white paint and a bucket load of stickers. Boaty Mc Boatface was complete!"

The video posted by Peter Sparks on Facebook has already received over 400,000+ views!

It's basically a Ford EF Fairlane, chopped down to the chassis, and a boat placed on top. It even has working air conditioning.

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