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Burnouts to Return to Speedway City Adelaide?

Photo by Paris Charles

After taking over 2,000+ signatures for a petition, lobbying with local Government and Politician's. Peter Barnes (Barnzee) being interviewed by Channel 7 Adelaide. It looks like the owners of Speedway City (Wendy Turner & Bob Sincock) are finally in talks about opening the venue back up again!

After years and years of the Speedway City being closed, there are current talks about it being opened back up for Speedway, Burnouts & Go-karts. This is absolutely great news for Adelaide, however we must say we are a little disappointed that the Owners have not contacted Off The Street Australia or Peter Barnes. It seems they have someone else in mind, even though we pushed this as hard as we could for the Adelaide Community. We can't say who will be running it at this stage, but it will all become clear in the next month or so.

As we mentioned, it is only in the discussion phase. Nothing has been put in fine print yet.

The venue has been left in such a state, that it's going to need money pumped into it, and several working bee's to get it up to scratch.

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