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Complete lawlessness during Oakland sideshow

A sideshow in Oakland Sunday night involved not just cars spinning donuts but guns, fireworks, a carjacking and the torching of a semi-truck and an AC transit bus.

Consider what officers were running into - a sideshow with 100 cars, 1,000 people, shots being fired and fireworks going off. And a bus and truck completely engulfed in flames. "Shots fired in unknown directions. We had bottles and rocks being thrown at officers and deputies," one officer said.

Video from a deputy running into a sideshow at 42nd Ave. and International Blvd. in East Oakland at 8:30 p.m. Sunday. For now, police are going to blitz the area with beefed up patrols starting this weekend, treating sideshows like a mass protest event. "If we find you and catch you, you're going to jail. We'll take your car," said Sgt. Kelly. One officer was injured. Police are now shifting through social media posts and surveillance video in the hopes of making arrests.

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