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Craziness last night outside Summernats 33 2020

Things got a bit out of hand last night in Canberra for the Summernats 33 2020.

This video uploaded by Trai Hildebrand shows bystanders throwing bottles at police cars as well as burnouts being conducted illegally on the streets.

It happened late last night at Eagle Hawke, about 2 minutes up the road from where Summernats is being held. "It was all happening outside Eaglehawk last night. Crowds in the thousands and about 200 cops."

Event Organisers and Promoters go through so much effort to host these events and this is the type of thing that ruins the car scene. "These guys don't represent car enthusiasts", one commented on Facebook.

" There is a massive difference between car enthusiasts and a Hoon which these idiots are."

"It is so disgusting to see the ignorant and disrespectful attitude and behaviour people have had towards the police over the last few days especially with what went on out the front of Eaglehawk last night. You have a 4 day event in a controlled environment for all your skids and burnouts but you still have the people that carry on like f*%kwits throwing bottles and pelting the coppers who are literally just doing their job." Another person commented.

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Oct 06, 2021

Very nice ppost