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FEAR hits wall at SUMMERNATS 33 2020

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Fred Watson, the driver of the Holden Monaro (FEAR) has hit the wall during Summernats 33 2020.

We wish him and the passenger a speedy recovery and hopefully Fear will be back again to skid.

Check out the video here filmed by Setho's Photography;

"Are you alright?" You can hear the standby crew reassuring both the driver and the passenger after the accident. The passenger seemed to be ok replying "How's the front?".

Video by: Aiden Butters

"We need an ambulance." is what you can hear being said from the in-car footage in relation to the driver. Possible neck injury. Fred seemed to be unresponsive after the incident.

Photo taken by: Trey Howat

We can confirm both the driver and passenger are ok!

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