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Jail-time for witnessing a street race

That's right!

We all know that most car enthusiasts have engaged in a street race or at least witnessed one. Some do roll racing and others wait for the light. We here at Off The Street Australia beleive street racing should be conducted in a safe and controlled environment, where thousands can watch and be entertained, ie. your local racetrack or burnout pad.

California has just passed a law that allows officers to arrest anyone within 200 feet from a street race or any other reckless automotive activity ie. burnouts, revving, donuts, etc.

Penalties start off with a $1,000 fine and six months in jail just for watching! This includes both private and public roads.

Instead of having a quick race, majority of the time, entire streets are shut down to do donuts and stupid stunts. The goal being to do the most crazy stuff to get notoriety on Social Media.

The law states:

"It shall be unlawful for any person to (1) Be knowingly present as a Spectator at a Reckless Driving Exhibition conducted on a public street or highway or in an Offstreet Parking Facility."

Police beleive that the illegal activity is more likey to happen if people are there to watch it.

So does that mean if you attend a car meet and someone decides to be a hero and does a burnout, does that make yourself in trouble?

We would love to know your thoughts! Please drop a comment below!

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