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New drag strip under construction at Tailem Bend

Video by 7 News Adelaide

“Ultimately what we are creating here is something which is going to be of international significance – it will bring people from right around the world.”

The premier has spruiked new projects that are beginning construction at The Bend Motorsport Park, including a world-class drag strip.

The state government will contribute $2 million to the $30 million project, which will allow South Australian motorsport fans to enjoy the sport they love and is hoped to keep hoons off the road.

By Dan McCarthy

“It’s official! You have asked for it and we’re committed to deliver. You have a bit of time to organise your dragsters. We’ll see you at The Bend,” said a statement on The Bend Motorsport Park Facebook page.

“The Bend will be one of the most complete motorsport parks in the world.

“Thank you to the SA Government for your support. Now come and enjoy the display!”

Shahin and Marshall looked upon drag racing cars sitting on gravel where the racing will take place.

The first drag event is schedule for November 2022! Let's hope they can deliver the goods!

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