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Outback Burnouts 26-09-2020 RESULTS

OUTBACK BURNOUTS SPONSORS: PRO4x4, Stay Beautiful Elite Fabworx JnJ Quality Maintenance Pty Ltd. Thug Life Brewing Automotive Towing Bar-Cycle Originals Twister Auto Detailing Centre Adult Bliss Erotica Tarzia Tyre Centre Adelaide Stickerworx OPENS

1st - John Gibson - KAOS

2nd - Shane Burrell

3rd - Aaron Deinhoff

8 Cylinder Class

1st - Nathan Howell

2nd - Jake Robinson - ELS1

3rd - Mark Reid - HQ

6 Cylinder Class

1st - Russell Ashby

2nd - Sir Jim

3nd - Ash West

4 Cylinder Class

1st - Marty Ward

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