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Port Pirie Burnouts

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the venue had a set amount of 1,000 patrons. With tickets purchased at the gate only. Many issues seemed to plague the Burnout Competition over the weekend at Port Pirie. - Event didn't start on time. - The Venue reached their capacity by 11AM. With many people making the trip 2+ hours away, to be only turned away at the gate. - Tickets un-accounted for. - Competitor Scores not accurate. - Finalists not placed. - Venue's Tow Vehicle died with no back-up plan. (Took over an hour to get towed back into pits)

- Police targeting people outside the venue and issuing fines.

- & and all out brawl at the end of the night.

It's was so painful to watch when we offered them the option to sell tickets online, as we knew this event would be one of the biggest burnout competitions Port Pirie has ever seen! But were refused twice. We have also offered for them to use our Digital Judging System, but also refused...

Off The Street Australia offers the option for event promoters/organisers to; - Sell tickets in advance online and use our app to create a comfortable, contactless environment for your attendees.

- Quickly and easily move your ticketing online to reduce on-site contact with our easy-to-use registration system. - Limit the number of people at your event or attraction on any given day with capacity-setting capabilities. - Maintain social distancing with contactless check-in right from your smartphone.

A statement has been released from Pirie Revs "Pirie Revs is done and run and we thank all those who stayed for the massive show that it was.

The day had a few issues that need addressing.

Front gate - covid issues. We apologise to anyone who come up and didn't get in the gate, we did expect a crowd but it was alot bigger than anticipated and what we could hold, a post should of been up sooner and prior to event and It is not good enough on our part and it will be addressed. Again sorry for anyone effected. To those who did go into town and wait it out and come back with the friday tickets to get in we appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Judging sheet issue for 8 class - This comp we ran a new sheet and tallys system that was set to be used as a SA wide system. The judging team used a paper version 2 weeks ago at whyalla burnouts and it showed no issues, however this weekend it had a few glitches with the first name call outs for top ten, This was rectified before the 8 class went out by the judging team but it still missed one entrant - Travis Lambert in his 8 class entry.

This was caused by a double entry on the day and taking another entrants spot who's car didn't make it to the event, the judging team had to manually enter names on the spreadsheet that was already entered in pre show and human error on a computer programs caused this issue.

We know how this happened on the spreadsheet and we will rectify it for future use of the program.

We appoligise to Travis for this stuff up, you did earn your place to run in the 8 finals and we will take your highest scoring round and add that into the finals for the results..

I will add a quick thank you to all of our workers and volunteers, and the sporting car club of port pirie guys and girls. Without all of your assistance they shows don't happen."

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