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UPDATE: TyreFryers Burnout Competition

Updated: Aug 18, 2021


If you haven’t yet received a call you most probably will soon as Jason is in the process of ringing you all personally because he feels you all deserve that respect.. But here it is……..

Unfortunately yesterday afternoon we were hit with yet another set back for us but unlike others they have time on there hands to fight this which is something we currently don’t have with an event scheduled for this ( Saturday 14th this weekend )

The insurance has decided to pull the plug on insuring our burnout events unless we follow stricter rules and guidelines which is BULLSHIT with such short notice and in all honesty the things they are asking for is ludicrous.

So we are hoping with all your support. rather then rolling over and let this ruin our event and putting it in the to hard basket category with a lot of phone calls last night we have managed to get insurance but it’s under AASA costing us and the club and nice chunk of cash.

So rather then cancel we have managed to get the license and the insurance but that also means unfortunately for you guys it means a AASA license is required. GET YOUR AASA LICENSE HERE

We are hoping you guys will continue to support us most of you’s probably have a AASA license already but for the ones that don’t it means getting one witch can be done online

we are unfortunately the ones that have copped this like we had to cop postponing the event it is out of our hands but we aren’t quitters..

And again we stress this is absolutely out of our hands but we have literally no other option other then to cancel or run under AASA and like we said we aren’t quitters hope you continue to support us and come smash some sets on Saturday and smash them hard..

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