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What's Going On Adelaide?

Adelaide International Raceway

"I along with so many others are building our cars to extreme levels of design, engineering and power.

Only to find out that the track we so dearly once loved is in a state of disrepair and literally a baron wasteland!!!!!

No one in their right mind would want to be racing here...." said Wheel & Tyre Kingdom.

Even after recent repairs to the track, a new concrete wall that isn't even straight! It's sad times for promoters & organisers here in Adelaide. With AIR in a state of disrepair, Speedway City in Virginia up for sale for over $3 million, and Mallala just isn't interested. There's no where local for motoring enthusiasts to enjoy their sport.

Roads covered in rubber. Tyres torn to pieces, not to mention burnt out cars. It's a familiar sight at several hot spots all over Adelaide. Off The Street Australia started a Petition just over a month ago, calling for a venue to support motor sports here in Adelaide. Only just over 2,300 signed the petition.

We are also crowd funding for a burnout pad to be put down at Waikerie, an hour an a half away from Adelaide. Only $230 has been raised by 7 generous donations.

The ball is in your court Adelaide.

If you don't wish to donate for the cause, that's fine, but please SIGN THE PETITION! The more venues in South Australia the better!

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